You don’t have to worry about dust allergies and air pollution inside your home when you choose to install a central vacuum system. Unlike heavy vacuum cleaners, your lightweight BEAM central vacuum system will give you a quiet, deep cleaning experience!

Why should you choose our professional services?

You want to reduce allergy symptoms — we’ll help you with it! Being locally owned, we understand your vacuum cleaning needs in Central Minnesota. Count on our experience in installing central vacuum systems to help you get one that suits your needs.

BEAM central vacuum system

Building your dream home? You don’t want to breathe in dust and other allergens when you move in! Let us install your BEAM central vacuum system during the building stage for clean indoor air.

After getting your plumbing and electrical work done, and before you install your wallboard, get in touch with us! We’ll set up your central vacuum system in no time!

Your home needs a great cleaning system

Say “hello” to flexible vacuum cleaning! Get rid of contacted dirt, dust, and other minute particles circulating in your home with a retro-fitted BEAM vacuum system. We’ll install it for you quickly and efficiently!

Aside from great installation, you’ll also find reliable BEAM parts and service when you choose Mid Minnesota Central Vacuum Systems LLC for your vacuum needs.

No more indoor air pollution - call us to find out more!